Sioux develops and builds advanced software for high-tech systems. Realizing the best possible user experience is essential user-friendly interaction with products and the efficiency of work processes. An optimal high-tech UX design therefore contributes significantly to the satisfaction and loyalty of users, and thus to the competitive position of Sioux's customers.

Attractive solutions

Sioux has deep roots in high-tech and extensive experience in diverse work domains such as the semicon, automotive, analytical and medical industries. Sioux's UX specialists are able to understand technological and strategic roadmaps of clients quickly and well. This also applies to their customers' processes resulting in a thorough translation of complex workflows into UX solutions that contribute to increasing yield, reducing equipment downtime and improving the quality of output and sales.

Creativity and responsibility

Sioux's UX team combines the best of both worlds. A fundamental technological understanding leads to feasible and high-quality solutions. At the same time, we achieve this in a no-nonsense approach. In doing so, we take the step to the end user at an early stage to really listen to their needs and wishes. In the actual design process, cost-efficient implementation is also a key focus. In this way, we achieve functional and attractive user interfaces within a short period of time. In this way, Sioux helps customers improve their physical and digital products and grow their business.

UX solutions

UX design & users
Sioux puts users at the heart of high-tech UX. We create the best possible interaction between them, highly complex products and specialist work processes. This allows them to get the most out of their equipment - speed, quality, flexibility, yield...
UX design & technology
High-tech UX design requires a deep understanding of hardware and software development, engineering, prototyping and construction of high-tech machines and applications. Sioux has all these competences in-house resulting in feasible multidisciplinary reviewed UX solutions.
UX design & business
Products perfectly tailored to end users sell better. Sioux's high-tech UX team thus contributes to customers' business cases and competitive position, all the more because of the focus on cost-efficient implementation.

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