Sioux Tech Labs

At Sioux, we believe it is important that our employees are given every opportunity to grow and develop themselves. In our Tech Labs, colleagues come together on their own initiative to work on projects, issues or to dive deeper into programming languages or new technical gadgets. Tech Labs remind us why our profession is so much fun and strengthen the bond between colleagues.

Sioux also reaps the benefits of this. Therefore, as an employer, we arrange the space, pay for the equipment and treat the participants to food for thought, we call this the Sioux Pizza Budget. This is extra on top of the fixed and generous personal development budget that every Sioux employee has at his or her disposal. This way every employee can continue to grow.

Sharing knowledge & networking

You can apply the knowledge and experience gained during the Sioux Tech Labs in your work, to enrich your CV or to satisfy your hunger for knowledge. The groups also have a social function. You get to know many people and discover each other's specialisms. So you build a network of specialists you can easily consult when you have a problem.

From a lego train to Toto

There are all kinds of Tech Labs that employees can join. For example, there is one for a model railway, where trains, switches and other parts are controlled wirelessly from a PC. Poor contact between the wheels and the rails then no longer plays a role, as is often the case nowadays when you send information via the rails.

In another new Tech Lab, we are building a hybrid guitar effect pedal, which will be tested by ex-guitarist of rock band Toto, Tony Spinner. And in the Rocket Science Tech Lab, we want to start calculating how to shoot a water rocket into the air as high as possible. The world record stands at one kilometre; it would be nice if we could improve on that.

The professional creativity of our people does not easily go to far. In fact, we would love to support more hobby projects. New ideas are more than welcome!

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