Freek has studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University Eindhoven and specialized in precision mechanics. He has been working at Sioux since 2016.

Freek: 'The strength of Sioux is the vast amount of knowledge in a very broad discipline (mechanics, mechatronics, optics, electronics, software and project management).'

'At Sioux there is room and attention for me as a person'

Managing complex high-tech development

'In addition, our people have great experience in managing complex high-tech development and making projects. In this way I can learn a lot. I have a strong drive to develop myself in both hard and soft skills and at Sioux there is room and attention for me as a person.'

Involved in the whole process

Together with his colleagues, Freek gets the chance to work on a wide range of projects, from a high-tech precision machine to a digital dental scanner.

'We are involved in the whole process, from drawing up requirements to the completion of a working prototype. The combination of designing and making things makes my job so much fun and varied. In addition, the atmosphere within the company is very well, a flatter organization isn't possible. I could not have been in a better place!'

Freek Gsc

Freek's Top 3 reasons for choosing Sioux:

  • Chance to learn a lot from experienced colleagues
  • Personal attention for me as a person
  • Combination of development and production makes the job fun and varied

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