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Do you dare to let your design crash on purpose? End-stops should never fail. But how can you be sure? DSPE (Dutch Society for Precision Engineering) organizes an online lunch lecture on December 6 which will be hosted by Ronald Plak, mechanical system architect at Sioux Technologies. 

By pushing our mechatronic designs to the limits, the end-stops often become critical and a limitation for the system performance. The key to creating a robust end-stop solution is “keeping it simple”. But to create a simple design that works you do need to understand the complex crash behavior first.

From struggles to fascinating crash phenomena 
Ronald will dive into the world of end-stop challenges in mechatronic systems. From struggles such as architecture choices and design optimizations to fascinating crash phenomena as hammering and re-bouncing.

This to prevent you from surprises when you need a crash device you can trust for your next critical application.