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Meet Sioux Technologies at our online Seats to Meet edition on Tuesday, November 30 (15:00 hours). Get to know our unique way of working, our talented employees and the varied projects we work on. Maybe St. Nicholas will reserve a online seat for you...  

At Sioux Technologies we are always looking for talented engineers.
So that we can grow and create more meaningful things in the coming years.

New colleagues must fit in with the rest.
So we are only looking for the best of the best.

You will work together on innovative solutions that make a difference.
Medical innovations, concept cars, wafer steppers, they all have our interest.

Employees can further train their knowledge and skills.
With an elaborate personal education budget from Sioux, that will pay for those bills.

Come and find out what Sioux can offer you.
At our online Seats to Meet event on November 30 we will give you a prevue.