Because we could all use one, right now...

Brewed by Sioux engineers for true beer lovers

After careful testing, trying and tasting, one recipe rises above all others... Sioux Blond is born!

Carefully brewed

It all started with crushing the carefully selected and fine grains. When the mashing temperature has reached, the crushed and mixed grains are added in the mashing tank for the first mash step. During mashing, there is time to prepare the other ingredients: Delighted Hop in pellets, orange peel, and crushed coriander. Ready to be used during the upcoming boiling step.

After the mashing step, the mash is pumped into the lauter tank where the wort is filtered out and seperated from the spent grains. That's where the first big cleaning activity starts. All spent grains need to be removed and the tank must be made shiny clean again. The spent grains are happily being collected by a local farmer for feeding his horses. After filtering, the wort is being pumped back to the carefully cleaned mashing tank where the boiling process will start.

The next steps...

The next step in the process is cooking. Here the hops are being added in parts on specifically defined times. Also, the first measurements (in Plato) are done to see if we need to adapt. At the end of the cooking, the orange peel and coriander are added. Since the Plato was spot on we left out additional sugars. After the cooking process, the wort has been pumped into the whirlpool tank where the wort is filtered and cleared.

The last step on our brew day: Cooling the wort instantly to about 20 degrees celcius and filling up the fermentation tank. Time to release the yeast!!! It is now up to the yeast to do its work. The color looks nice, and the fermentation tank is filled to its maximum capacity. With the fermentation tank filled, the yeast is doing its job in the next weeks to produce alcohol from the sugars extracted from the grains and adding its portion on the character and flavor of our Sioux beer.

Four weeks later, bottling time

3000 bottles are ready to be filled, preferably in just one day. Fill the line, adjust the filling speed, place the caps, stamp them, clean the bottles, and fill the crates. In the meantime, several 'quality checks' if the beer tasted all right :). Our Sioux Blond beer is brewed by Sioux engineers at brewery "Laarbeek" in Aarle Rixtel, just a few miles away from the famous Bavaria brewery. 

We hope you will enjoy it as we already did!

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Warm regards,
The Sioux Craft Brewers