Sioux initiated a cycle of additional exclusive events to dive deeper into relevant topics in the Future of System Engineering.

Theme session: Embedding Systems Thinking (Management)

Many organizations are looking to introduce or have introduced system engineering to tackle the problems caused by the complexity of their products. Many companies, particularly in the Brainport area, have a longstanding practice of strong system architecting. Many practitioners of system engineering, including system architecting, find themselves on an island in their organization surrounded by colleagues and management who do not see the value of system engineering, and systematic thinking in a broad sense. In this edition of the Future of System Engineering Wouter Leibbrandt, director of ESI (TNO) addresses how to take management and the whole organization along in system-thinking and why that is crucial for the success of practicing system engineering.

You can download the presentations here:

Throwback to the Hot-or-Not: The Future of System Engineering

Sioux Technologies hosted the Hot-or-Not event on the Future of System Engineering. More than 200 attendants followed the presentation live at Sioux or via our live stream. Given the outcome of the poll, this topic is very ‘hot’ indeed! Read more...


Got inspired? Do you have questions left about these topics or are you curious about how you can contribute actively to the future of system engineering? Please contact Arend-Jan Beltman or Martine Dubling, organizers of these Hot-or-Not sessions, for more information.

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