Sioux Technologies & Project MARCH invite you to a webinar about improving the quality of life with Exoskeleton technology. 

Project MARCH wants to improve the quality of life with exoskeleton technology of people with spinal cord injury. The exoskeleton helps these people to stand up and walk again.

Sioux Technologies' goal is to make the world safer, more sustainable, and healthier. The mission of Project MARCH seamlessly connects to the goal of Sioux. Sioux supports the projects of Project MARCH financially and technically. 

Project MARCH develops a new exoskeleton each year with a non-profit student team. Students give up a year of their studies to be part of the development of this project. In doing so, they stimulate the technical innovation of exoskeletons and create more awareness around this subject every year.

The webinar discusses the why, how and what of the process of exoskeleton technology.