Accurate positioning at high speed

Vexar is an intelligent substrate transport system (Generic Substrate Carrier, GSC) that is integrated as a module in printing systems. Due to the intelligence of the system, the steel conveyor belt can transport a wide variety of media at high speed and with high accuracy under process modules such as laser and inkjet systems. By means of vacuum the substrate is fixed during transport, as a result of which the print quality becomes almost independent of the mechanical properties of the substrate.

The combination of this conveyor with a unique patented steering mechanism and advanced motion control results in positioning accuracy of 5 microns in the X (lateral) and Y (transport) direction. Compared to the traditional paper transport systems (roller-beds and drums), this method results in better accuracy and can therefore meet the highest quality standards available in the industrial printing industry at 1200 dpi and more.

Vexar transports a wide variety of media (paper, corrugated sheets, glass, metal, cardboard, etc.) under the process modules such as inkjet printheads and laser systems.

Vexar benefits

  • Very accurate transport of substrate
  • High transport speed
  • Can be used modularly
  • Scalability of length of the accurate area
  • No forces in the substrate during transport
  • Optionally, tape position can be measured at every 'machining' location
  • Accuracy is independent of the 'mechanical' properties of the substrate
  • Can be used for all kinds of substrate (Paper, Foil, Glass, Panels)



X accuracy (lateral) ± 5 µm
Y accuracy (transport) ± 5 µm
Z accuracy ± 50 µm
Speed 0.01 - 2.2 m/s
Width 0.4 - 2,4 m
Length 1-10 m


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Accurate transport for industrial inkjet printing

Sioux develops innovative solutions for leading high-tech companies. The functional modules that we develop have a high complexity and a high mix of disciplines such as software, electronics and mechanics. In the industrial inkjet market we were challenged to create a paper transport system to meet the very high demand for positioning accuracies, so that proper positioning of inkjet drops on the paper is possible. This resulted in the development of the Vexar.


For more information, please contact Derek van Dooren via 040-2635000 or by e-mail.