Danish women with high-risk pregnancies will soon be able to have their unborn babies monitored from home. Nemo Healthcare from Veldhoven supplies Danish hospitals with hundreds of systems for this purpose. For the development and production of the system, Nemo works together with Sioux Technologies.

Source: Algemeen Dagblad, Merlijn van Dijk

Hundreds of cases, tens of thousands of plasters and millions of euros in turnover. Nemo Healthcare from Veldhoven is experiencing its first major commercial success. The company that makes cardiotocographs (CTGs) possible from home is going to supply its system to all hospitals in Denmark.

Director Michiel Manuel does not want to say exactly how much this will yield. But in any case, it is about millions of euros in turnover. Over the next four years, Nemo will supply hundreds of systems to Danish hospitals.

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