JIACO Instruments developed the first effective decapsulation machine in the world. JIACO has teamed up with Sioux Technologies for the assembly processes to meet the ever-growing demand of their customers.

Now, the delivery of the 50th MIP machine (Microwave Included Plasma) is a fact! Sioux celebrated this achievement together with JIACO Instruments. 

Failure is not an option
The groundbreaking innovation causes a revolution in the packaging industry’s error analysis and quality monitoring. In industries such as automotive, medical technology, aerospace, and defense, failure is not an option; safety is paramount and recalls are expensive. Therefore, this decapsulation machine offers a solution that works 100%.

Operation decapsulation machine
At its core, the machine works very simply; plasma is used to scratch off a layer of the casing, and then the silica filler gets shaken off. This process is then repeated until the chip can be removed. The advantage is that this machine does not require any acid or toxic gasses.

On to the next successful delivery!