Sioux Technologies will open a new office in Magdeburg, the capital of the state of Sachsen-Anhalt, from October 1st, 2023. This will be Sioux's second office located in Germany.

Strategic growth

For Sioux's long-term multidisciplinary growth, availability of highly skilled technical employees and assembly facilities are essential. After visiting several locations, Magdeburg emerged as the best location, where both development and assembly are possible.

Leon Giesen, CEO Sioux Technologies Europe, is looking forward to this great adventure: 'We are proud to be among the first to establish ourselves in the high-tech environment of Sachsen-Anhalt. In the coming years we are going to build something beautiful in which we are already grateful for the excellent cooperation with the federal government and higher education institutions in the region.'

Technology park in the heart of Barleben

Sioux will establish itself to the Technology Park in Barleben near Magdeburg. With Intel settling here, the region around Magdeburg is becoming increasingly important for other European high-tech companies. According to Sven Schulze, Minister of Economy of Sachsen-Anhalt, Sioux succeeds the American chip manufacturer Intel. 'The establishment of Sioux is a great asset for Sachsen-Anhalt. It confirms us on our path to build an ecosystem around Intel. At the same time, Sioux's arrival proves that we are succeeding in bringing high-quality jobs in the field of research and development to our state,' the minister said.

Over 300 career opportunities

It is expected that more than 50 jobs will become available in the coming year and the prognosis is that this number will quickly increase to more than 300 jobs.

Interested? Feel free to contact Jack Houet, Recruitment Manager Sioux Technologies, via +31611538706 or email [email protected].