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Sioux Source 2022

Hans Duisters, CEO and founder of Sioux Technologies:

There is much to be proud of at Sioux; our people, our technology, our partnerships with reputable companies... One of my finest moments as CEO happened a few years ago in Hillsboro, during a supplier day at Thermo Fisher Scientific. An oncologist was talking about his breast cancer research, and how electron microscopes had substantially advanced it. Many lives were saved with them. I realized that was partly made possible by our engineering. That’s when you know what you’re doing it for.

Sioux is making the world a little better, healthier, cleaner and safer with its ground-breaking technology. But that is just one side of the coin. After all, we don’t create that value without also creating business success, for our clients and ourselves. Money is not the end goal, but it is the engine of our success that drives everything. Success is the basis for growth, expansion, knowledge creation, innovation power and for strengthening our role in value chains. And with these qualities, and the starting point that what we do must also be fun, Sioux attracts the brightest minds in high-tech.

This edition of Source highlights in many ways how Sioux adds value. For example, how we support Thermo Fisher in technology development, including the energy transition. Or how we assist ASML with the development of their latest generation of the Reticle Masking module. In an interview with international tech talent Daphne de Jong, we dive deep into what drives her. You can also read about our Social Impact Programme and the life-saving marriage between medicine and high-tech. I get very excited by all these different sides of Sioux and the stories of people with whom we make a big difference. I hope those stories inspire you as much as they do me.