Raymond joined Sioux Technologies as a project manager in February 2019 and is responsible for new projects. His job is to make these projects into a success.

Raymond: 'At Sioux, I work with multidisciplinary teams with the aim to develop beautiful solutions together. I really enjoy the interaction with our clients and finding out what they really need.

Then, to translate this to my team and let them function optimally and in a good atmosphere. To support them with problems they encounter and to give each team member the right work that gives them energy. Fortunately, I am not the only one who thinks this way. Colleagues at all levels are approachable; there is little hierarchy within Sioux. Everyone values a long-term relationship here.'

A large high-tech family
'When I ended up at Sioux in my search for a new job, the atmosphere within the company really appealed to me. I came in with relatively little relevant experience, yet I still got a chance. Sioux has a long-term vision and it is actually one big family; we all have the same goal to create high-tech solutions. In addition, you get the responsibilities at Sioux to learn and pick up new things while working. That has definitely been the deciding factor for me.'

Stories of our employees
We can tell you all about the typical Sioux culture and the high-tech challenging projects. About how you can develop yourself, like nowhere else. But we’d rather have you hear it from our own employees.

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