Sioux Technologies & The City of Amsterdam invite you to their Data Technologies webinar

The inefficient execution of a process - any process – is a waste of your valuable time and money. Prediction, dynamic optimization and simulation can help to speed up your business processes. Whether you are scheduling personnel on a large project or need to place components on a PCB; efficiency is key to success.

Stijn Fleuren from Sioux Technologies and Paul Koppen from the City of Amsterdam will show you how optimization of garbage collection will lead to great economic and ecological benefits for Amsterdam. Smarter waste collection with use of data technologies will improve service at lower cost, and with less impact on the environment. This particular challenge is very representative for the problems Sioux solves with their mathware solutions in other domains.

We invite you to this webinar to learn how data technologies can help speed up your process as well. After registration you can watch this webinar.

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