Hans started at Sioux more than 20 years ago as the very first full-time people manager. He is still busy coaching and guiding employees in their development every day.

Hans: "I noticed at my previous employer that the approach became less and less personal. I wanted to return to a company that focused on people. Hans Duisters and Erik van Rijswijk, two former colleagues, had by then started Sioux and were looking for a people manager. It immediately felt like coming home.'

'Helping employees grow is the most wonderful thing there is'

Responsibility and creativity
'No two days are the same here. I can express my creative ideas and they are really taken into consideration. Almost everything is open for discussion and I have been given a lot of room to participate in entrepreneurial activities. I am given responsibility and authority to actually add value to the organization. This is what makes it so fun and special, even after more than 20 years.'

Helping employees develop
'Helping employees grow is the most wonderful thing there is. In my current role as group lead, I get to bring out the best in people every day. How can I best motivate them so they can make the most of it? That is a really fun puzzle that requires a lot of people skills. Taking a genuine interest in people and listening attentively helps enormously. I also see this in the colleagues around me; they really want to think along with the employees. Sometimes it is necessary to deviate from the standard rules in order to be able to deliver personalized solutions. Fortunately Sioux gives us this freedom and creativity.

Grouplead Man Hans

Hans' Top 3 reasons for choosing Sioux:

  • The genuine interest in people is a distinguishing factor
  • Room to really implement creative ideas within Sioux
  • Being allowed to coach, motivate and help develop employees every day

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