After studying Business Administration, Mart started his career at a large high-tech manufacturing company. He started out with purchasing and planning, became a customer manager and project leader. Despite that career, he decided to switch to Sioux Technologies.

In the middle of an intelligent lockdown by COVID-19, Mart Lommers started at Sioux behind his laptop at home. Despite that obstacle, he immediately felt at home in his new job.

'The atmosphere, collaboration, growth opportunities, ambitions... Sioux feels right in many ways'

Really doing things together

'I want to work for an innovative company that focuses on people. To me, it is essential that you really do things together. Everyone has their own knowledge and qualities. By recognizing these and empowering people, you get the best out of teams and increase everyone's job satisfaction. In addition, I want to make a difference and realize my full potential. Sioux values these things highly. I experience this in practice. For example, in the form of a training budget I am free to spend and many responsibilities of my own.'

Making a visible difference

Mart is based at Sioux's brand new modern assembly hall. According to him, this reflects the company's willingness to invest.

'It is open; the facilities are modern and designed for growth in volume and processes. We organize world-class manufacturing here but based on the DNA of a system developer. That is unique and leads, among other things, to succeed in new product introduction. The fact that I am one of the decision-makers, I can make a visible difference. In this regard, I am also developing myself on the job. I am involved in complex tendering processes of many millions of euros. Sioux really gives me ownership and trust me to do the best I can.'

Manager Operations Mart

Mart's Top 3 reasons for choosing Sioux:

  • There is a real team spirit and focus on people
  • Everyone is empowered and recognized for their knowledge and quality
  • I get room to develop myself and take on responsibilities on the job

Seats to Meet

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