Anne joined Sioux years ago as a Mathware Engineer and has since advanced to Mathware Designer. 

Anne: 'My previous job was not challenging enough. I wanted to work on more different assignments with a diversity of customers. I was looking for a job that would continuously challenge me. During this search I ended up at Sioux.'

Project against food waste

Anne: 'The most fun project I've had the opportunity to work on so far was for OTFLOW, they developed a cardboard mat for fruit containers. An awful lot of fruit is transported around the world, usually weeks away by ship. If the heat management in a container is not in order, it is at the expense of quality or the cargo may even be lost for consumption. Food is wasted and it also costs money.  OTFLOW's cardboard mat covers part of the openings in the container. The shape promotes good air circulation. We developed a Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation model for air circulation in a container specifically for the transport of one particular type of fruit, the pineapple. With this, the optimal dimensions of the mat can be determined. You have to deal with a lot of variables; it is extremely complex to capture this in mathematical rules and include it in a comprehensive flow model. When this succeeds and the customer is happy with the result, it also makes me proud.'

'The personal interest in each other is typical Sioux' 


'What I like most about Sioux is the personal aspect. People are really interested in each other. This is also reinforced by the socials organized within my department. These always have a good vibe, people look forward to them and they are often talked about. There is also a lot of interaction between colleagues.

In the Mathware department we often seek each other out and we also regularly meet up outside working hours. But even outside our department, there are now many different groups for activities.  For example, colleagues get together to board game or box and we also occasionally went mountain biking with a group of fifty Sioux colleagues.'

Mathware Engineer Anne

Anne's Top 3 reasons for choosing Sioux:

  • Personal attention that everyone has for each other here
  • Continuous challenge in projects
  • Social interaction with colleagues during and outside working hours

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