Harm obtained his Masters in Applied Mathematics at the TU/e in discrete mathematics and applications. After his first job as a Rail IT consultant, Harm has been working at Sioux Technologies as a Mathware Engineer since July 2019.

Harm: ‘The title Mathware Engineer explains itself quite well: you make mathematical software. Now and then, the 'ware' part of mathware also stands for hardware, but we only do that when necessary. The great thing about my job at Sioux is the great diversity of projects with a relatively short lead-time, solving many different challenges.’


‘In my previous job, I was the only mathematician in a group of 200 people. Within the Sioux Mathware team, most colleagues have a mathematical or physics background, so, if needed, a sparring partner is quickly found to help out with complex math challenges.’

The latest mathematical techniques

‘Mathematics is my passion, and I love to think about new math questions. Every problem is unique, and therefore a fun puzzle. If I can tailor the math to the situation, it gives me personal fulfillment. You notice the added value if your tailor-made solution is more usable for the customer than an off the shelf solution. And sometimes there are no alternatives to our solution, which of course is excellent.

'Every problem is unique, and therefore a fun puzzle'

Sioux encourages us to keep abreast of recent developments in our field and from academia. We continue to learn about the latest mathematical techniques. For me, that is the icing on the cake and ties in with my love for mathematics.’

Harm Campmans

Harm's Top 3 reasons for choosing Sioux:

  • Great diversity of challenging projects
  • Encouragement to keep on learning and growing
  • Part of a big team of like-minded mathematicians

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