Tatiana started at Sioux as a software engineer, grew into the technical role as senior software designer and later switched to project management. 

Tatiana: ’I chose Sioux for two big reasons. The first reason was that Sioux has a lot of very smart and experienced people, from which I can learn a lot. The other reason was the diversity of work and that has been proven over the years. I have done many projects and every time you’re put out of your comfort zone. You learn domains, discover new challenges and grow as a professional and as a person. That’s what got me on board.’ 

Motivating and challenging

’What I enjoy most about my role as project manager at Sioux is that I get to enable and motivate people to achieve the best that they can, working on innovative projects for our customers and showcasing the competences and value of Sioux, and our people. Our projects have a mix of very experienced seniors, people that are super excited by the technical challenges, and young, smart, and ambitious colleagues who are learning a lot and getting the opportunities they want. When everyone is working well together in these dynamic teams, achieving the goals we set and I watch people develop and enjoy the work they do, that's when I know I've done my job well!

'I get to motivate people to deliver the best they can'

Opportunities for growth

'Growth is a mindset! You need to search and grab opportunities that come by. I am an expat woman in a leadership position, which is, at least in the technical world, still not very common. I hope to inspire and help the younger colleagues to find their path in their career. The opportunities for growth and the openness of people to help one another, the attention for the colleague and the individual, is really what sets Sioux apart. We are growing bigger than before, but you still feel like you get sincere personal attention.'

Project Manager Tatiana

Tatiana's Top 3 reasons for choosing Sioux:

  • Chance to learn from smart and experienced colleagues
  • Diversity of challenging high-tech projects
  • Opportunities to develop yourself

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