Tim completed his studies about 20 years ago and went straight to work at Sioux. He left, but also came back. Until recently he held the position of Senior Software Architect and has worked hard to realize his ambition to now work as a System Architect.

Tim: 'At Sioux they think ahead. We develop generic platforms. These evolve continuously. I find that challenging and interesting, working on concepts and getting more out of them. It also gives me a sense of ownership, pride, and responsibility. Maybe that's what drew me to a Sioux startup in building security after eight years at Sioux, the chance to help shape a company and product. I drifted away from the mothership and made the switch. This, of course, was done in close consultation with Sioux. I was well supported in that too, which is of course very special.'

After three years, Tim returned to Sioux. The deciding factor was the opportunity for further development. 'In that mindset we find each other, and Sioux also puts its money where its mouth is. For example, everyone receives a very generous personal development budget each year.'

'Opportunities for advancement are plentiful here'

People are the most important value

'I have progressed from Junior Software engineer to System Architect, and I felt in everything that I was growing more and more towards system architect. There are plenty of opportunities to grow here. Many people grow all the way through. For example, many of the managers have been working at Sioux from the beginning. The fact that people stick around for so long shows that people are the most important value of the company. ‘

Tim: ‘The best thing about my job is that after a 5-year project you have worked on with more than 10 people, at the end it is actually used and does what it is supposed to do. Our projects are so complex that sometimes it feels a bit like a small miracle that it actually worked. I get a lot of satisfaction from that in the end. It is also fun and challenging that you can do this for different clients at Sioux and always in a slightly different context.’


Tim's Top 3 reasons for choosing Sioux:

  • Sioux gives me a sense of ownership, pride, and responsibility
  • The opportunity to keep on developing myself, also as an experienced architect
  • People are the most important value within Sioux

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