Fresh off graduating with a degree in Computer Science, Gunseli embarked on a journey of experience, working across various domains and companies in both Turkey and The Netherlands. But when she landed a tech lead role at Sioux Technologies in Mijdrecht at the end of 2023, one thing struck her most: the sense of community.

‘It might sound a bit sentimental,’ Gunseli admits, ‘but I truly feel at home here. At Sioux, they understand that their employees are their greatest asset. This is evident in how they treat me, creating a safe space for me to thrive. It fosters an environment where I can be creative and take calculated risks."

 ‘The company culture prioritizes employee growth and development’

Develop together, succeed together

‘The company culture prioritizes employee growth and development,’ she continues. ‘I am always better than I was yesterday. We have a culture of constructive feedback and immense trust in each other's abilities. It feels like you're contributing a vital piece to a bigger picture. Everyone here is united in our pursuit of success and delivering high-quality work. This shared goal, combined with our passion for technology and all things geeky, truly binds us together.’


Gunseli's Top 3 reasons for choosing Sioux:

  • There is a real sense of community
  • I experience a safe place where I get a lot of trust
  • Employees are encouraged to develop themselves and get creative

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