During his application process at Sioux Technologies, George was told that he was applying for a career. That is exactly what happened! From junior software engineer, he was promoted to software test designer. In this position, George monitors the high-quality objectives of the software deliveries on a daily basis. 

George: 'As a software engineer, I always had an eye for making "the right thing". My People Manager (one might say career coach) recognized this and used this potential to help build my development. With a substantial training budget at my disposal, there is plenty of choice of new training courses or other opportunities to develop myself further. For example, I bought an electronics hobby board and a subscription to a knowledge magazine.'


'In my work, I often have to be a pioneer; pushing back the frontiers of technology together with clients, discovering new technologies, and setting standards. Every day brings new challenges to work on.

'In my work, I often have to be a pioneer. Every day brings new challenges to work on.'

A project we worked on at Sioux was recently included in the Guinness World Records book. An electron microscope that makes the smallest detail visible. At Sioux we make the impossible happen and I am proud of that!'

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George's Top 3 reasons for choosing Sioux:

  • A substantial yearly personal development budget to help me grow
  • Working on pioneering projects that make the impossible happen
  • Coaching of my people manager to help me build a career

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