• a competitive salary, which is reviewed at least once per year
  • flexible working hours
  • technical and personal challenges with growth opportunities
  • possibility to participate in a collective health insurance scheme

Dutch employment conditions

Especially for Expats, Sioux has created deviating employment benefits so we are able to offer you employment benefits that are not only competitive, but also optimized for maximal benefit of the 30% tax ruling and easily comprehensible for people who are not familiar with the Dutch rules and regulations.

Career and sociocultural integration support

Besides a challenging working environment, Sioux offers you more… Migration to another country and another culture has a major impact on an Expat’s life. Therefore we’ll do our utmost to ensure you a warm welcome to the Sioux-family. Part of the warm welcome is our help by facilitating the migration process to the Netherlands, the Sioux International Talent Programme.

International Talent Programme

Within the Sioux International Talent Programme we will:

  • take care of IND formalities (e.g. application work and residence permit)
  • arrange temporary (short stay) housing, so you have some time to search for more permanent housing
  • book your flight to the Netherlands
  • arrange transport from the Airport to your new (temporary) home
  • arrange an appointment at the Expat Center to collect permits and BSN (social security number)
  • apply for the 30% tax ruling
  • share information regarding healthcare, schools, childcare
  • organize Expat meetings, like cultural awareness/cultural exchange to help you integrate
  • single point of contact: the Sioux Expat helpdesk

Sioux buddy

Sioux will find you a buddy who can tell, based on own experience, what is involved with relocating to the Netherlands. A buddy is an important point of entry for practical questions about career and sociocultural matters.

A good working environment

If you would like to customize your own work station, we offer an ergo-budget with which you can purchase your ideal keyboard, for example. Or a mouse that feels better to use.

Pizza budget

At Sioux we believe it is important for employees to continue to develop themselves. You can choose to join one of our expert groups, to collaborate in innovative study projects. Sioux will sponsor the hardware and the ‘food for thought’. We call this the Sioux pizza budget, because pizza is the most popular food choice at these meetings. There are no obligations, just trying to become better and smarter together.

Your partner/family is also included

Sioux also has much to offer outside working hours, such as nice outings for you, your partner and your family. These include: sporting activities, a sizzling summer party, a cozy afternoon with Sinterklaas and a lovely Christmas dinner. In addition, we regularly hold inspirational workshops built around a specific theme. These might include mind mapping, time management, creative thinking, core strengths, the enneagram of personality types and health. Not only may you participate in these workshops, but your partner and/or your (adult) children can join in as well.

Settled down?

Have you been settled in the Netherlands and are you in for conditions such as a lease car, pension accrual and a large training budget? Do not hesitate to inform us and we will arrange a seamless transition to a new employment conditions package.