The customer’s challenge

To win more customers, TKH Security Solutions needed a cost-effective camera network management application. This application should be able to present the current status of the network and maintain the network in an intuitive and productive way.

Sioux's contribution

Sioux used an agile approach for this project; we created working software every two weeks to obtain early feedback from customers and users and worked according to their priorities. Sioux designed, implemented and tested the new software components that were necessary for gaining the requested functionality. Sioux also proposed a list of several functional improvements that have already been adopted by TKH.


TKH Security Solutions now can offer a better, more reliable and stable camera network management application to their customers. The end-user of the application can work faster and more efficient while having more insights in their camera network at the same time.


Windows XP, Windows 7, .NET 4.0, C#, SVN, Visual Studio 2010, SQLite, UPnP, MX/IP and HTTP.


TKH Security Solutions, formerly known as Siqura, strives to improve public safety and mobility through high-quality, reliable and innovative video surveillance solutions. Their solutions are developed specifically for the Mobility, Marine, Oil & Gas and Public Safety markets.