Experience Sioux yourself. Visit our Seats to Meet event on March 28 and get to know our people, our culture and our high-tech projects

Seats to Meet

A generous personal training budget for everyone every year, several knowledge sessions per week, career coaching, and space to work on your own innovative passion projects outside working hours. Sioux Technologies invests in employee development in many ways. According to People Manager Hans Odenthal, it is particularly the implementation of these resources that makes Sioux unique.

‘Standing still is going backward. We want our people to have the opportunity to become the best version of themselves. This cannot be achieved with buzzwords or mandatory tasks. You also have to look beyond professional competences; soft skills are just as important. Besides the familiar communication training courses, such as interview techniques and leadership, we also organize special training courses, such as using clothing colour as an influencing skill.’

‘Moreover, people are not islands; they have families and environments. For instance, our employees’ partners can also use part of the training budget and we have a Social Impact Programme. This culture of genuine interest and commitment makes Sioux very special. I have been working here for over 18 years and always enjoy going to work. Not a day goes by without me learning something. I wish that for all my colleagues.’

Want to experience this yourself? Visit our Seats to Meet event on March 28 and get to know our people, our culture, and our high-tech projects.