The Máxima Medical Center in Veldhoven is the first hospital in the world to test the Bambi Belt, a new method of monitoring premature babies, without sticking electrodes to their bodies. Over the next couple of months, 50 babies will be monitored with the wireless belt over a 10-day period, reaching a new milestone for the Bambi Belt. 'With this, we want to investigate what the added value of the Bambi Belt can be in healthcare', says Van de Mortel, nurse in the neonatology department at Máxima MC. 'We already know that the Bambi Belt can reliably measure heart activity and breathing pauses. Now we will test how that works in day-to-day care for care givers and parents.'

Sioux helped develop and produce the Bambi Belt's interface. This interface enables doctors to quickly and efficiently monitor babies' health status and make the right decisions.

We are proud to have reached this new milestone together with Bambi Belt and that this high-tech innovation can now be used in real-life situations to make the lives of premature babies more comfortable.

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