Xyall, a leading MedTech innovator in molecular pathology, joined forces with Sioux Technologies, to create a high-tech solution for automating tissue dissection for molecular diagnostics. 

How was it developed?
Traditionally, tissue dissection is a manual, labor intensive process, which is prone to human mistake and cross contamination. Sioux has helped Xyall in developing this automated tissue dissector, by using its multi-disciplinary expertise in medical robotics, optics, mathematics, software, electronics, and data processing. Oncology laboratories can reduce their processing time dramatically by using the automated tissue dissector.

Interactive session
A panel of speakers from Sioux and Xyall gave insight in how the product came to life and how it will be a game changer in molecular pathology. 

In the video below, Guido du Pree, CEO and co-founder of Xyall, looks back on the long-term relationship with Sioux as their technology partner during the project.