Sioux Technologies has a long-standing partnership with ITEC, developing and producing its record-breaking machines. ITEC's wire bonders can place a mind-blowing 90,000 chips per hour with 5-micron accuracy.

Sioux has collaborated with ITEC since 2008, contributing to the development and prototyping of its Tagliner, a machine specifically designed for applying chips to RFID tags – a booming market.

Sioux's expertise in mathematics and optomechatronics was crucial in developing ITEC's technology.

The Tagliner boasts a unique 3-module product handler:
- Applies glue to the substrate
- Positions the chip with incredible speed and accuracy
- Thermally hardens the compound

This complex process happens at lightning speed, achieving a remarkable 99.8% yield!

Strong relationship 
The strong relationship between Sioux and ITEC is key to this success. 'We can work together seamlessly on all fronts,' says Lex Schoordijk, project manager at ITEC. 'Our teams are self-managing and complement each other well.'

Are you facing challenges in high-speed, high-precision placement? Sioux's expertise in complex manufacturing and innovative solutions can help you achieve similar breakthroughs.