High-tech products and their applications are becoming increasingly sophisticated. This increases the importance of software that builds an optimal bridge between users and their equipment. As a result, machine builders and brand manufacturers are facing new challenges in realizing high-quality application software. Sioux helps them overcome these challenges with total solutions in software engineering.

Distinctive and competitive products

Sioux creates and integrates state-of-the-art application software, for example for operating equipment, image and data analysis, process flow and information insight. The focus is on user-friendliness, quality, speed of innovation and cost efficiency. Thus, Sioux's application software team supports clients, among others in the semicon, medical and analytical industries, in the development and marketing of distinctive and competitive products.

24/7 up and running

While the complexity of high-tech equipment is constantly increasing, the same applies to application software. Smart algorithms are increasingly used to collect, process and analyse data. The results must be presented in a user-friendly way and systems are up and running 24/7 in the Cloud. This places specific technical requirements on application software. The development and implementation of contemporary application software requires enormous expertise in development methods, programming languages, tooling and platforms. It also requires systems thinking and a close connection to the needs of customers and users. Sioux distinguishes itself on all these fronts.

Application Software Solutions

User Experience
Sioux realizes high-tech UX design for the best possible user-friendly interaction with products and efficiency of work processes. This is essential for user satisfaction and loyalty, and therefore for the competitive position of our customers.
Software Quality & Test
Quality starts with the very first requirement and ends with the final acceptance test. In between, Sioux detects errors as early as possible with advanced and reusable test technologies. We not only deliver the quality that is required, but especially that which is necessary given the application.
To carry out projects as efficiently as possible, Sioux deploys DevOps-knowledge from the initial project configuration to long-term maintenance. This way, we facilitate speed and reliability in software development and operations.
With the growing focus on Cloud and Internet of Things applications, web technologies are increasingly being applied. Sioux has the knowledge and skills to develop and build complex web applications.

'Sioux has systems thinkers and developers who oversee all solutions and customer requirements.'

Nicolas Christiaens,
R&D manager at Petersime

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