You have a client who does not yet know exactly what he or she wants and is already asking when everything is finished. You want a reproducible result, but without additional bureaucracy. In short, you want to work agilein a waterfall environment. An impossible task?
Disciplined Agile claims that this is possible. Based on a best practices approach Disciplined Agile hasdeveloped a process decision framework that helps you deal with agile projects. It offers the perfectcombination of purpose and agility.

Agile expert Scott Ambler told you everything about the possibilities of working with Disciplined Agile during this Hot-or-Not. How it can help you to complete projects faster with support of your clients, your team and your management.


You can download the presentation that Scott Ambler gave here.

About Scott Ambler

Scott Ambler is specialized in helping organizations to successfully adopt disciplined agile strategies, with a focus on disciplined agile training and process-related advisement. He has written several books and white papers on object-oriented software development, software process, Disciplined Agile, Agile Scaling Model (ASM), Agile Model Driven Development (AMDD), Agile Database Techniques, the Agile UP, and the Enterprise Unified Process (EUP) (TM). Ambler also regularly gives speeches at a wide variety of conferences and organizations world wide.

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