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Sioux Hot-or-Not - Julia

Faster than C++ and easier than Python, Julia is bringing down the walls and the costly time between the mathematicians that write algorithms and the system and software developers that make it run smoothly on high-tech machines.

With Julia improvement algorithms for medical devices can be implemented directly on a device, saving valuable time and even lives. Optical inspections in semicon machines can avoid the wasted energy associated with scripting languages and virtual machines. With Julia, you no longer need to feel guilty about deploying an algorithm in the cloud as you do with Python and its 70x higher energy consumption. 


We look back on an inspiring Hot-or-Not, thank you for your presence!

It all started with the question: is Julia programming language the end of C++ and Python? April 18th, nearly 200 enthusiasts came to Sioux HQ in Eindhoven to listen to Deepak Vinchhi (co-founder of JuliaHub) and Chris Rackauckas (VP of Modelling and Simulation at JuliaHub). Their talks where followed by Matthijs Cox (ASML) and Keith Myerscough (Sioux Technologies) who showed the audience how they are benefiting from the Julia programming language in their joint project.

At the end of the evening, the audience was (almost) unanimous in its vote: Julia is definitely a 'hot' topic and offers many opportunities for our future way of working.


Instructor Deepak Vinchhi & Christopher Rackauckas

Date Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Time 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Location Sioux Labs, Esp 101 in Eindhoven

Costs Free of charge

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