'AT Sioux, communicating with colleagues IS EASY, even WITHIN different disciplines'

Elif Tasel worked in the defense sector as a system designer and system architect for electro-optical devices and has a PhD in Physics. After that, she joined the system architecting competence group of mechatronic system design. Although she has developed her career in a dedicated business area, Sioux welcomed her to contribute to the fast-paced and broad technology environment.

Elif: ‘Part of my job is to interact with both customers and colleagues. Communication is an important skill that one can develop, but it still needs "two to tango". At Sioux, communicating with colleagues is easy, even within different disciplines. “Sioux people” are open to any kind of conversation and willing to share knowledge. This is also well-supported by the company by either assigning technical buddies or hosting competence meetings.’   

Balance and variation

‘Satisfaction at work without interfering with your daily life is crucial for personal health and business effectiveness. At Sioux, you can openly indicate if the balance is not right and you will be helped to find a solution. Due to the variety of projects, you never feel bored. Every project brings its challenges together with new team members to inspire one another.

Another way of supporting variation and balance is the opportunity to work from home to concentrate on a topic, or work at the project location to interact with colleagues and access the equipment. One of the very few good sides of Covid is that it taught us to work remotely and I am happy that Sioux is aware that this improves efficiency.’