William has been working as a software engineer at Sioux Technologies in Herentals since 2015. He graduated as an industrial engineer at KU Leuven.

William: 'After I started at Sioux, I noticed that the knowledge of Linux that I learned during my study was not sufficient for my assignments. There was a big contrast between my study knowledge and what I needed in my work. Sioux placed me between very experienced colleagues and with their help I was able to catch up very quickly.'

Freedom in training

'In terms of training I have a lot of freedom. I can choose the direction in which I want to grow. At the moment I focus on (everything around) C++. When I first started working, I had the idea that I would learn everything I needed on the job. Now, with a lot more work experience, I find the training opportunities and the budgets that are provided by Sioux a huge bonus.'

'Switching assignments broadens your horizon and keeps you sharp'

Sioux knowledge groups : a source of my development

The sharing of knowledge within Sioux takes place in regularly scheduled evening meetings, the so-called expertise or knowledge groups. Colleagues who are interested in a certain subject and who want to invest energy and (free)time to further expand their knowledge get together to do so. They share their experiences with each other but also with everyone within Sioux. William: 'These meetings inspire me and it certainly helps me to solve problems at work.'

The advantage of switching projects

'My current assignment is very interesting. The advantage of being a consultant is the fact that in due time I will be able to switch from assignment or client. That broadens your horizons and keeps you focused.'

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William's Top 3 reasons for choosing Sioux:

  • Freedom to choose the direction in which I want to grow
  • Surrounded by experienced colleagues that love to share knowledge
  • I can work on challenging projects voor various clients

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