‘The creativity throughout the company is SIMPLY great’

Jeroen is working as a system software designer at Sioux Technologies for almost 20 years now. He work on innovative development and manufacturing projects, from conceptual design to the production of test set-ups, one-off machines and series products.

‘The challenging and fun part of my job is to design a machine in a multi-disciplined team that meets the customer’s requirements. It is rewarding when, a year later, the machine is in place and does what it is supposed to do.’

Developing ground-breaking technology
‘A good example of this is a robot with four axes that we developed ourselves at Sioux Technologies. A handler places a holder with tissue slides from the store and delivers them to a scan engine. The slides are scanned by two cameras and processed with another piece that is screwed onto the robot. The throughput time of this process is essential for the customer. The machine is four times faster than competing scanning machines.’

20 years at Sioux
‘After 20 years, I still enjoy going to work every day because of the variety of the work and the projects we run and the nice colleagues. I like to be challenged and Sioux offers growth opportunities. The creativity in the projects throughout the company simply is great.’