Bryan is working as a test architect at Sioux Technologies. Bryan has over 20 years of experience, the first years in technical software development. After that, Bryan specialized in testing software in embedded systems.

Never finished learning

Bryan focuses on test approach, test automation, integration and reliability testing. He strives to improve the testing process pragmatically and realistically. Despite all the experience Bryan has gained in the meantime, he is never finished learning.

'In every new situation, you have to fine-tune what you learned before'

Bryan: 'You cannot simply apply what you learned in a previous project. You need to fine-tune it in every new situation.'

Guest lecturer

Bryan is a frequent speaker at international conferences and is a regular guest lecturer at universities. In that way, he can spread, use and collect a lot of knowledge. On top of that, he also writes articles and has even published a book on software reliability.

'I believe it is important to spread gained knowledge and expertise to further develop the testing discipline both inside and outside Sioux. Besides working on challenging projects, I get ample opportunities within Sioux to pursue this ambition.'


Bryan's Top 3 reasons for choosing Sioux:

  • Working on challenging high-tech projects
  • Continuous learning
  • Ample opportunities to share expertise about testing with the community through books, papers and presentations

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