Learning together

At Sioux we find it important that our employees get every opportunity to develop themselves. More than sixty percent of our engineers choose to join one or several of our expertise groups. In such a group, they collaborate on innovative study projects such as Model Driven Software Engineering, Mobile App Development, Project Management, Precision Mechanics, Electro Design & Engineering, Microsoft HoloLens and more. Sioux will sponsor the hardware and the food for thought. We call this the Sioux Pizza Budget, because pizza is the most popular food choice at these meetings. This special Pizza Budget comes as an addition on top of the regular and extensive personal development budget that each Sioux employee has at his or her disposal.


You can use the knowledge and experience you gain in the expertise group(s) in your work, as an enhancement for your resume or just to satisfy your hunger for knowledge. The expertise groups also have a social function. You will get to know a lot of people and you will discover each other’s specialisms. Subsequently, you’re building a network of specialists you can easily consult should you encounter a problem. There will be an interesting expert group at Sioux for everyone. And if it so happens that you cannot find yours, you are free to create a new group yourself.

Attend an expertise group?

Would you like to attend an expertise group session and come over for a pizza at Sioux? Send an e-mail to pizza@sioux.eu with your name and interests, and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Learn more

Download the Sioux Pizza budget flyer for more information about our expertise groups.