Together we bring high-tech to life

At Sioux Technologies, our employees are the key to success. We believe in a culture where talent can flourish and where teamwork is key.

When you join Sioux, you become part of our high-tech family, and get the chance to work together with smart and fun colleagues building high-tech solutions that make a difference. From experts in mechanics, mechatronics, physics & optics, assembly, software, mathware and electronics to project managers and group leaders. Together, you work on the development of complex products, often at the limit of what is technically possible. Innovations that make the world smarter, healthier, safer, more sustainable and also more fun.

Our unique company culture makes Sioux just a little bit different from other companies. An open culture where the employees are central. This is reflected in the passion we share for technology… and for the fun we have together. Because we believe that teams that have fun together, achieve more. That’s why we organize a lot of activities for our employees throughout the year. From interesting (technical) training courses and lectures to cheerful family festivals, sports classes and board game nights.


Go directly to our open vacancies, and learn more about the challenging opportunities and fun we have to offer.

Sioux locations

Sioux Assembly Eindhoven Small

Working in the Netherlands

Sioux operates across the Netherlands with a multidisciplinary Sioux Campus (HQ) in Eindhoven and software centers in Delft, Mijdrecht, and Apeldoorn.
Sioux Gent Small

Working in Belgium

In Belgium, Sioux maintains a network of specialized software houses, with their main Belgian office located in Herentals.

Working in Germany

Sioux has two offices in Germany. A mechatronics & mechanics centre in Magdeburg (Barleben) and a software & electronics centre in Erlangen.