With its specific design the CAN to CAN gateway is able to connect CAN busses operating on different baud rates and CAN protocols, while filtering prior programmed messages. In need of more than two divided CAN busses? Implementing multiple CAN to CAN gateways offers you this option.

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GPS Speed Converter to CAN

In markets such as marine, special- or off highway vehicles there is a need for specific signals (like vehicle Direction/Speed message, time date message, Vehicle Position message) on the CAN-bus system. The GPS Speed Converter to CAN, converts GPS signals into a J1939 CAN message.

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We see an increase of LIN Modules (Sensors, Switches,..) in modern vehicles which all are in need to exchange this information to the CAN network. With its specific design the LIN to CAN gateway is able to collect LIN bus information and send these messages to the CAN bus network in the specific CAN format.

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Nowadays we see an increase of Electronic Control Units whom exchange information over the Local Interconnect Network  in modern vehicles whom still need to control the vehicle in conventional way. With its specific design the LIN to Relay Gateway is able to integrate and connect any operating LIN devices into an analogue/digital signal to its connected components such as light modules.

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Tachograph Replacement Unit

The Tachograph Replacement unit is pin compatible with a regular tachograph. The unit does not require a DIN slot and can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle. Through its GPS receiver the unit receives a time/date and vehicle speed information signal and forwards this in a messages on the CAN-bus, making the regular tachograph unnecessary.

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Service Tool

The Service Tool is a powerful PC tool that answers the need in the market for vehicle diagnostics on the Continental KIBES32 multiplex system. By connecting the vehicle through the Sioux HSlight CAN interface to a PC it is possible to download software for several KIBES ECU’s.

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