The customer’s challenge

Pathologists want to be able to digitally mark and scrape biopsy samples with possible cancer cells. This region of interest (ROI) could then be projected onto a marking station where the cells can be collected by an analyst. Philips was in need of a new, unique, one-off machine that would be able to perform this task at high-speed.

Sioux’s contribution

Sioux developed and realised a production machine that handles six samples per biopsy and presents the pictures of the samples to pathologists for marking. The scraping stations where pictures with a marked region of interest are presented were also designed and realised by Sioux. Sioux took care of the mechanics, electrics, control, physics (optics) and software for this machine line.


The realised machines are in full production at a customer site in the United States of America. Pathologists are now able to mark ROIs much faster and with a smaller margin of error. The machine thus enables them to create better cancer treatment plans.


Product handling, mechanics, electrics, motion control, optics, software, ISO-13485 and UL-61010.


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