The customer’s challenge

FOB Startup wanted to create a device for performing measurements on the functional strength of the intrinsic hand muscles. Such a product would be able to contribute to health care treatment and rehabilitation for hand and wrist injury and disability. Physiotherapists, doctors and other medical specialists would be able to use it to evaluate the functional intrinsic muscle strength of their patients.

Sioux's contribution

Sioux designed and developed the mobile software application and manufactured the accompanying hardware. To improve quality and consistency, the measurements made are clearly illustrated in the app. To improve workflow efficiency, all test results can be uploaded.


Instead of an extensive health check system, specialists can now rely on the compact FIHM system during the evaluation of their patients. The resulting data is made available straight away, thus improving communication and decision making. On top of that, more extensive data is also available for research purposes.


Xamarin and MvvmCross.


FOB Startup is a company that was set up to promote product and business development in relation to the FIHM. The FIHM is an instrument capable of performing functional measurements involving the intrinsic hand muscles, to be used by support specialists while evaluating their patients.