The customer’s challenge

The MR Clinical Applications group develops post-processing applications in order to keep their competitive advantage. These applications help radiologists to diagnose better and faster based on the information retrieved from the MRI scanner. A special application was needed to diagnose osteoarthritis in a patient’s knee, which needed to be able to visualise the microscopic structural changes in the composition of knee cartilage.

Sioux's contribution

Sioux developed the stakeholders’ input requirements into software requirements. These were used to develop Cartilage Assessment, a clinical application. Sioux developed the application’s image processing and GUI. Sioux introduced Scrum as the management approach for the project and fulfilled the role of Scrum Master. Release and sprint planning were also handled by Sioux.


The application has been successfully introduced in the market. Using Scrum has led to transparent insights into the project. Philips: “Congratulations on a wonderful demo of the accomplishments thus far. Well prepared and well executed. Keep up the great work!!”


C#, .NET, WPF, MS Blend and Agile/Scrum.


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