Innovative electronic systems for state-of-the-art high-tech modules, systems and machines

Sioux develops and builds Box Build Solutions (electronic systems in a housing with other components). In doing so, we focus on smart design and efficiency in purchasing and supply chain management. This way we help customers speed up innovation, improve product performance and reduce overall costs.

Sioux is ISO9001 / ISO13485 (Medical) Certified for Development & Production. We take responsibility for the whole project: from first idea to development and delivery of serial products.

Box Build Solutions

This is a high-tech module, product or system with the emphasis on advanced electronics & embedded software. The electronics are housed in a metal or plastic housing and often contain a user interface (display with touch). In such a system we find cabling and other mechanical or mechatronic components. In addition, Sioux introduces additional expertise such as cable confection, mechatronics, mathware and, for example, optics. For a Box Build range, Sioux offers a one-stop-shop solution for the entire life cycle.

Electronics for new generation endoscopy

Sioux supported Wassenburg Medical in developing the latest generation of endoscopic tumors and laundries. Within the systems, use is made of the standard ESP solution developed by Sioux, which is placed on an application-specific carrier board with all the interfaces that the customer needs now and in the future.


  • Digital electronics
  • Fast FPGAs & Zynq Modules (VHDL)
  • Embedded software
  • Microprocessors including ARM
  • Advanced analogue electronics
  • High voltage
  • Ultra low power / battery power
  • RF engineering
  • Mechanical parts and housings


  • Motion control
  • Managing machines and devices
  • Data acquisition and processing
  • (Cheap) replacement of PLCs
  • Reading and sending of sensors and actuators


  • Assembly and testing according to ISO9001 / ISO13485
  • Series from several to thousands of pieces a year
  • Establishment and management of the supply chain is crucial
  • Proactive Life Cycle Management with professional tooling (also in development phase)
  • Monitoring and Improving the Supply Chain according to 'QLTCS'
Sioux gave us a firm push to the top of our market.
‘Sioux gave us a firm push to the top of our market. ’

Emile Asselberg, Director Phenom World

The added value of Sioux is not only in our expertise in state-of-the-art electronics, but above all in our multidisciplinary and customer-specific approach. Owing to the collaboration of our hard and software engineers, by bridging the gap between development and manufacturing, and our knowledge about our clients' products and processes, we can achieve maximum results.


Fetal monitoring

With the Atlantis of Nemo, the well-being of a fetus and the mother can be monitored. Sioux supports this young OEM in the development of electronics and software for the recording and display of electrophysiological signals and brings them into a plastic housing.

HIGH-Tech Locker system

With the recent introduction of Releezme, VECOS set a new standard in smart locker systems. As a strategic partner, Sioux assists the R&D team, among other things, in designing the electronics, embedded software and the packaging.

Smart soup dispenser

Vendinova wants to conquer the market with the world's first soup dispenser for natural fresh soups. Sioux has developed electronics and embedded software, for example, for control, process monitoring and facilitation of payment with cards.