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Sioux Source 2022

Oksana Manyuhina started at Sioux Technologies as senior mathware engineer four years ago. The Ukrainian left an impressive academic career behind, which she has not regretted for a moment. ‘Real people, the real world and solving real problems. That is what it is all about here.’

Manyuhina studied theoretical physics at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and obtained her PhD at Radboud University Nijmegen. She worked as a scientist in France, Sweden and the US. On her return to the Netherlands, a friend invited her to come and take a look at the Sioux mathematics department.


‘I immediately felt at home’, says Manyuhina. ‘The atmosphere is friendly, there is no hierarchy, and the skill level is high. I am driven by curiosity. A problem cannot be complex enough. I want to get to the bottom of it and find a solution together. Here I have the freedom to do so, for concrete assignments and sometimes during fundamental research. The great thing about Sioux is that not everything is imposed from above. The company is constantly evolving and we all give it shape.’

Social impact

Manyuhina’s work varies greatly, from modelling the effects of light on the growth of tomatoes to making use of artificial intelligence to better unlock press photo archives. ‘This way I learn to see the world from many perspectives. At Sioux I can also make a direct and relevant impact. A good illustration of this is a small-scale social impact project where we helped the parents of a baby with epilepsy who was constantly on monitors in hospital. With our mathware, we made a camera smart. Next step would be to enable an automatic alarm system in case of threatening situations and seizures, also at home. This way, the baby can be with its parents more often. These kinds of social projects are also possible here, which characterizes Sioux.’