Developers and suppliers of high-tech equipment, for example production machines, analytical and medical systems, are continually pushing the boundaries in technical complexity and applications. Their products are becoming more accurate, faster, more intelligent, and more independent. This is placing increasingly greater demands on electronic subsystems.

Electronic modules and electrical engineering

Sioux designs and realizes high-quality electronic modules - usually in assemblies with mechanical and software components in complete subsystems. Among other things, our electronics team has tremendous expertise in the development and industrialization of precise and stable high voltage sources, low noise analog electronics, highly accurate and fast AD/DA conversion, and high-speed digital electronics. We also provide electrical engineering for the purpose of appropriate electrical infrastructure for our systems, mostly consisting of the electrical system cabinets, among other things, for efficient and robust power supply, control, and safety of systems.

Challenging conditions and systems thinking

The development, construction, and integration of functional, reliable, and robust electronics for high-tech systems is a specialty. For example, the physical conditions can be particularly challenging, such as working in a vacuum, due to thermal behavior or vibrations. In addition, electronic components often need to be small due to very limited physical space. Moreover, the performance of systems is determined by a complex interplay of mechanics, electronics, software and mathware (applied mathematics). So, finding the best electronic solutions also requires system thinking. The Sioux electronics team possesses all these necessary qualities, and we help customers to increase their product performance and speed up their development processes.

Electronics Solutions

Snippets - Proven hardware blocks
Over time, Sioux has designed and tested many electronic circuits and turned them into snippets - reusable building blocks that have proven themselves, speeding up system development and reducing design risks.

'Sioux's added value lies not only in our expertise in state-of-the-art electronics, but above all in our multidisciplinarity and customer-specific approach'

Emile Asselberg,
director of Phenom-World

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