The quality of advanced modules, systems and machines is the result of integrated multidisciplinary hardware and software solutions. Where technological boundaries are constantly being pushed back in the realization and improvement of high-tech equipment, system control software increasingly determines the functionality and performance of state-of-the-art hardware and system functions.  

Precise positioning and image processing 

Sioux is a specialist in the development of embedded software for optimal control of high-tech equipment. The focus is on extremely accurate positioning and image processing. The embedded team develops Box Build Solutions which combine software and electronics in a customized housing, integrated system solutions and standalone software. In doing so, Sioux unburdens customers to the maximum by seamlessly connecting to their R&D and manufacturing processes. This way we help improve their products, speed up their time to market and reduce their costs. 

High demands 

Creating optimal embedded software requires a fundamental understanding of the physical processes in machines and the technical ability to translate this into software that makes equipment do what it is supposed to do. This is very complex, partly due to high requirements in terms of robustness, time criticality, optimal algorithmic, traceability, cybersecurity and cost efficiency. It therefore requires a combination of competences, such as high-quality skills of individual developers, intensive cooperation within teams and knowledge and experience of critical processes in integrated system innovation. This distinguishes Sioux as a development partner in embedded software and other related disciplines such as electronics and mechatronics at an exceptional level. 

Embedded Software Solutions

Advanced motion
Where advanced high-precision motion solutions are required, Sioux offers, among other things, a reusable, extensible and multi-client platform: the Smart And fleXible Control Solutions platform (SAXCS).
Reusable platforms
Quality, development speed and cost efficiency are key in the competitive high-tech industry. The reuse of (box build) soft- and hardware is therefore of great value. Sioux applies the Sioux Embedded Software Platform (ESP) and Sioux Customizable Application Platform (SCAP) for this purpose.
Model driven engineering
Sioux builds specialized tools to support and automate complex and repetitive engineering tasks, for example state machines, code generation, model verification, DSLs, transformations. For this we use proprietary or OTS tooling such as Supermodels, MPS, Dezyne and CocoTec.
More and more high-tech machines are connected. This makes them a potential target for malicious actors. Sioux includes the realization of advanced cybersecurity as an integral part in the development of system control and application software.
Regulations (norms and standards)
Standards and requirements regarding products and processes are increasing in high-tech, especially in the medtech and automotive sectors. Sioux is an expert in applying these regulations when developing system control software.

'With the Ultra-X project, Sioux was able to demonstrate what it can do. That module of our latest electron microscope is five times faster than its predecessor and offers the ability to adjust measurement conditions in a single session. '

Ruud Krijnen,
System Architect,
ThermoFisher Scientific

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