Mathware for software and hardware 

Mathware is the result of the creative and pragmatic application of mathematics as technology. With Mathware, Sioux supports clients in solving technological issues. We offer a very high level of competence with a low entry threshold in the unique combination of applied mathematics, mathematical physics, data science, statistics and operations research.

We improve the competitiveness of clients with competences such as modeling, simulation, imaging, algorithmics and data analysis. Our added value often involves the synergy of mathware software and hardware development.

Modeling physics solder process 

Sioux improved the foundation of the production process by modeling the physics of the soldering process and finding out the critical parameters in the production context.



  • Project research 
  • Feasibility studies
  • Development of algorithms and tools 
  • Scenario analysis and management advice 
  • Quantification and improvement of performance of: 
    • Quantitative analysis 
    • Modeling, simulation, optimisation
    • Image analysis, metrology, calibration 
    • Machine learning, data analysis
    • Planning and scheduling 

High-tech modules, systems and machines are usually compositions of mechanical, electronic and software designs. Behind all these disciplines is applied mathematics. By creating an integral mathematical design - mathware - it will also be possible to create a radically new level of performance. Sioux helps companies to realize this.

You can only break through technological boundaries if you understand the underlying structures fundamentally.
‘You can only break through technological boundaries if you understand the underlying structures fundamentally.’

Sioux serves various sectors such as semicon, printing and imaging, transport and life sciences with applied mathematical engineering. We support small and large companies with feasibility studies, optimizing design and performance, and developing algorithms and tools. For example, we help them to reduce risk, accelerate innovation, and improve products and processes.