Vibrant innovation lab

High-tech machines and advanced software applications must work ever faster, smarter, more accurately, and more autonomously. This requires technological breakthroughs that make the impossible...possible. The creative and result-oriented application of advanced mathematical knowledge, techniques and tools makes all the difference.

Our data scientists, mathematicians and physicists combine exceptional scientific knowledge with a pragmatic focus on engineering and operations research. We are up to speed with the latest techniques and are able to make the step from feasibility study to a usable algorithm. We know our customers' market domains like no other. Real innovation starts with a fundamental understanding of the strategic and technological challenges that the customer faces. Enabling a new breakthrough often requires building a bridge between divergent disciplines, such as physical modelling, optimization and machine learning.

Technology accelerator

Mathware accelerates innovation in various markets: warehousing, automotive, machine building, semicon, agro, medical technology and more. Our creative solutions are based on advanced solid building blocks. We create fundamental understanding of physical processes and generate essential information from imagery, text or measurement data from sensors. We are also experienced in developing digital twins for a fast and iterative design process that merges models and data.

We use an agile approach to move complex issues forward quickly. In this way, we accelerate the performance of our customers' advanced technology.

'Sioux translates the latest knowledge about deep learning into our Histolog Scanner and applications. We are revolutionizing tumour surgery.'

Etienne Schaffer,
CTO of SamanTree

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