Robert is an experienced software architect who has been with Sioux for many years. He also regularly gives public talks inside and outside Sioux on technical developments in his field, such as the Sioux Super Models tooling and the Sioux Holodeck, a virtual interdisciplinary design tool. 

Robert is experienced in developing multidisciplinary systems based on hardware-software interaction. Robert: 'In my role, I get to think along with customers when there is no solution yet. It's a fun challenge to communicate with decision makers at different levels of abstraction, understand the question and ultimately build a successful system together.'

Flat organization

'My greatest motivation comes from the fact that Sioux offers freedom. We put together our own roadmap. Sioux is growing steadily, while maintaining our informal culture and flat organizational structure. This allows us to switch quickly, and I feel comfortable with that. There are many colleagues I can approach, and many are also in for a joke.'

‘I experience a lot of freedom at Sioux’

Sharing knowledge is essential for success

Sioux regularly organizes knowledge meetings, so-called Hot-or-Not evenings, where technological developments are discussed in depth by specialists. Robert: 'It's nice to be able to speak alongside professional authorities such as Kevlin Henney, Simon Brown and Jim Stolze about the latest techniques affecting the world of systems engineering. Sharing knowledge is and will continue to be an essential ingredient for success. The fact that I get the freedom to do this in addition to my job is very important to me.'

Software Architect Robert

Robert's Top 3 reasons for choosing Sioux:

  • The freedom experienced within Sioux
  • Communicating with decision-makers at an early stage
  • Opportunity to actively share knowledge within Sioux and the tech community

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