Robert is a software architect and speaker on technical developments in his field, such as the Sioux Super Models tooling and the Sioux Holodeck, a virtual interdisciplinary design tool. 

Robert is experienced in developing multidisciplinary systems based on hardware-software interaction. Robert: 'In my role, I actively exchange ideas with customers in an early stage. It is a nice challenge to communicate with decision-makers at different levels of abstraction, understand the question, and ultimately build a successful system together.'

Sioux Technologies is steadily growing while maintaining our informal culture and flat organizational structure, and I feel comfortable with that. My greatest motivation is that Sioux offers the space to improve our development systems to remain at the cutting edge of technology.

Sharing your knowledge is essential for success

In the Sioux Hot-or-Not sessions, Robert is one of the experts sharing the latest innovations and technological developments in his area.

Robert: 'It's nice to speak alongside professional authorities such as Kevlin Henney, Simon Brown and Jom Stolze about the latest techniques that influence the world of systems engineering. Sharing knowledge is and remains an essential ingredient for success.'