Trends in analytical

The worldwide demand for cell and material research is increasing. The demands on laboratory instruments and their applications are therefore higher and higher. This has consequences for the complexity of the technology. Sensor fusion - combining several measurement principles such as ultrasonic with spectral and electron with rapid probe - provides more insight into the intended analysis. Workflows are highly automated to increase the output of the instruments. Equipment is more and more used to collect, process and analyse large quantities of data to generate new information and insights. In addition, instruments leave the lab to perform single tasks as an integral part of high-output process installations. Because of all these developments the creation of contemporary analysis equipment requires tremendous innovative strength. Sioux has all the necessary disciplines in house for this challenging job.


Sioux has an impressive track record in the field of optometry, accurate positioning, signal processing and the design of total solutions. Where physical limits are encountered because nanometre measurements are required and movements are made in submicrometers, our embedded software expertise offers a solution. With a wide range of mathematical expertise such as machine learning, data science and imaging analysis, our mathware engineers make groundbreaking applications possible. It is in the synergy of all these qualities within our development and manufacturing companies that Sioux takes responsibility for the integral development, industrialization and construction of complete modules and machines according to the first time right principle.

Analytical services

Electron microscopy
Sioux supports the entire creation process of innovative electron microscopy; including the development of electron generators, detectors, signal processing, imaging, sample conditioning and positioning and production.
A systematic and agile design process is crucial for achieving a short time-to-market for measuring instruments. Sioux is equipped to deliver prototypes within the desired time and according to the desired functionality and costs.
Data to Information
The business model of many laboratories is shifting towards data generation and the sale of information and knowledge. Sioux adds value here, for example as an expert in mathematical modelling, bid data analysis and the development of advanced algorithms.

'There is a sense of ownership at Sioux and we work together on all levels and fronts.'

Brit Meier,
VP R&D at Thermo Fisher Scientific

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